Top 10 Cases Of Body Oddities

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6. Lizzie Velazquex

Usually people do not eat in order to lose weight. Velazquex has to eat every 15 minutes for the opposite results. She would die because she would gain weight if she never ate.


7. Gul Mohammed:

Mohammed is from India. He has a body oddity which many people suffer from. His, however, was an extreme case. Guinness World Records say he was the shortest man to have matured. When measured in 1990, he was 57 cm or 22.5 inches.


8. Supatra Sasuphan:

This teenager from Thailand has another irregularity which we see sometimes in man more than women. Sasuphan is the hairiest teenager. You can barely see her face as it is covered in mostly hair.


9. Georges Christian:

If any of us try putting something heavy or sharp on our teeth we are prone to lose our teeth. Christian does not lose his teeth when he picks up objects with them. He ran 11.8m while picking up a woman (50kg) and a table (12kg).


10. Kangkang:

This Chinese boy has two faces. He has a transverse facial cleft which gives him a body oddity.


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