Top 10 Countries That Banned Christmas

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6. England:

Oliver Cromwell is a famous British politician. From 1649 to 1653, Parliament was in charge of England. Cromwell took charge effectively in 1653. Puritan born, Cromwell banned Christmas. He wanted people to think about Jesus and not eat and drink too much.


7. Cuba:

Fidel Castro is another Grinch. He banned Christmas when taking power in 1959. The ban was in place until 1999 when Pope John Paul II persuaded him to revisit his decision.


8. Japan:

Christianity is not a major religion in Japan, comprising less than 1% of the total population. Christmas is thus seen as a secular holiday and is not official.


9. China:

In 2009, police cracked down on religious freedom on Christmas Day. China like many other communist states is a secular country with predominant atheists. It is thus why officials are not embracing the religion positively.


10. Algeria:

Christmas season is reflected upon the flag. The flag shows the moon and a star on it. This is usually the case, given that 99% of the population is Islam.


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