Top 10 Worst Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving has been referred to as the biggest eating holiday of the year. Research shows that the average American can eat as much as 4,500 calories and 229 g of fat on Thanksgiving Day. But it’s not all bad. Thanksgiving offers plenty of healthy options. Check out the nutrition ranking of each traditional Thanksgiving menu and fill your plate with the most healthy items. Be sure to stay away from these repulsive and less healthy options from the bottom of this list. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to touch any of this.


1. Ambrosia Salad:

Ambrosia salads include canned fruit, coconut, and mini marshmallows with either mayonnaise or sour cream. Many add Jello or whipped cream on top. The taste is not good, especially with the use of canned fruit.

The dish is passed down from generation to generation as a refreshing palate cleanser after a meal, but now is a tradition after the BBQ.


2. Lima Bean Stew:

This is not a bad dish for those who love beans. Lima Beans are a laxative and will cause guests who eat it to have wild bowel movements.

Did you know? Eating raw or sprouted lima beans can cause stomach cramping, diarrhea and vomiting. In addition, eating large quantities of undercooked beans can release cyanide (from cyanogenic glucosides), which can impair tissue oxygenation and cause chronic illnesses.


3. Sweet Potato Casserole:

Marshmallows are for desert mostly. I cannot understand why someone would combine them with Sweet Potato. The taste is absolutely atrocious. The sweet potatoes are already sweet, marshmallows are thus not needed.

Did You Know? Yam and Sweet Potato are two different vegetables. Sweet potatoes should not be confused with yams, another starchy root commonly grown in Western Africa. Yams are much larger in size and can grow up to 120 pounds in weight and 2 meters in length. Yams are the tropical crops and hardly grow where the temperatures dip below 68 degrees F. Important differentiating features that distinguish sweet potatoes from yams are:


4. Tofu turkey:

I cannot imagine why anyone would waste their money on a fake turkey. It beats the whole tradition of having one in the first place. Thanksgiving could be celebrated by vegetarians in other ways.

Did you know? Over 200 million turkeys were raised in the U.S. in 2012 for slaughter. Those birds were worth approximately U.S. $4.5 billion.


5. Green Bean Casserole with Canned Onions:

The dish consists of green beans, cream of mushroom soup and canned French fried onions. This should be made with fried onions which should not be canned. The taste would be much different.


6. Canned Cranberry Sauces:

This is like trying to fast forward things and doing things the quick way. Canned cranberry sauces come with preservatives and usually taste differently than homemade. Many are better off serving homemade with real and fresh cranberries.


7. Sliced Deli Turkey Sandwiches:

This is a cheap way and an easy way to make thanksgiving. You will be a laughing stock if you provided this instead of the real turkey. I’ve seen it happen before, outside of television.


8. Dressing with Hard Boiled Eggs:

I cannot imagine this ever. It sounds disgusting, even though its Southern Style.


9. Jello Salad:

Can you really make this kind of salad? My friend had it once and said it was the worst of all dishes. It ruins the whole taste of jello.


10. Pizza:

Many people simply order pizza for thanksgiving. This one time I went to a dinner at my friend’s house and they ordered pizza instead of Turkey. Yummy but not a thanksgivings treat.


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