Top 10 March Events

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March is a glorious and painstaking month. It is a month many women celebrate internationally (March 8).  It is also a month that comes in like a tiger and leaves like a lamb.

So without further ado, let’s celebrate the month of March with 10 of these most popular events in history.


1. March 2, 1978:

Vladimir Remek, a Czech, is the first non-American and non-Soviet to go into space.

With the entry of Czech Republic into European Union, he is now known as first astronaut of the EU.


2. March 3, 1861:

Alexander II signs the Emancipation Manifesto. The manifesto outlawed serfdom.


3. March 3, 2005:

Steve Fossett is the first to fly alone around the world without stops and without refueling. He flew in an air balloon for 13 days, 8 hours and 33 minutes.


4. March 4, 1519:

Herman Cortes comes to Mexico to find the Aztecs and their wealth. Killing the emperor, he besieged the capital and denied the populace food and water. With an outbreak of smallpox, the Aztec’s doom was written in stone.


5. March 15, 1917:

Nicholas II abdicates his throne in favour of his brother, who declined. The event was the end of the February Revolution.


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