Top 10 Worst Products Sold By Tim Hortons

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Tim Hortons is one of the most popular places to go in Canada to get coffee. It has the good and the bad, which sometimes angers customers. Here is the list of the bad. I worked in Tim Hortons for 7 years. I’ve seen it all and tasted it all.


1. Steeped Tea

Steeped Tea was a refreshing idea introduced by Tim Hortons. However, not many customers opt for the tea. Many still wish to buy bagged teas. Sadly, Tim Hortons decided to charge the same amount for bagged teas as steeped teas. This means that the only difference between an XL and Small bagged tea is the amount of water and an extra bag (for larger sizes).


2. Breakfast Sandwich:

Tim Hortons introduced its breakfast program to compete with various other fast food businesses such as McDonald’s. The problem with this is that it is not healthy and nutritious. Processed cheese and bacon are the most fattening items. An additional problem stems from the fact that the food items come frozen, including eggs.


3. Fruit Smoothie:

The smoothie was a good publicity stunt by the marketing department. However, the smoothie is not made from real fruit. They rather use fruit juices to add flavour to their smoothies. These juices are not Tropicana; they are a Tim Hortons’ brand.


4. Lemon Glazed

Caked donuts are not the most popular. To boost sales they added a lemon flavoured cake donut. These donuts were disgusting and thankfully discontinued. This was one way Tim Hortons tried to implement something innovative but failed.


5. Chicken Stew:

This tasted beyond disgusting. It was not selling and many businesses lost money making it every day and throwing it away. Its beef stew counterpart was fabulous. Sadly, they did not keep the latter instead.


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