Top 10 Awkward Places to Lose Wedding Rings

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Recent stories of miraculous findings inspired me to write this article. People have lost rings that are over $1000 and are of great sentiments. They would move heaven and earth to find the lost ring as if it was a Lord of the Rings movie.


1. Dog’s Stomach:

A recent news article emerged on the internet regarding a couple finding a $4500 ring in their dog’s stomach. The ring was discovered by a vet, lodged deep inside the dog’s stomach. The couple searched for the ring everywhere but never suspected their dog.


2. Bushes:

Luke Stephen lost his ring in the bushes while doing gardening. He could not find the ring for 15 years and moved cities during the disappearance. The new owner, 15 years later, found the ring while adjusting Christmas lights. The day she found it was 1 day before Stephen’s 42nd anniversary.


3. Egypt:

Helen Halik was packing shopping bags for her customers at Gerrand’s Cross when she lost her ring. The ring was not found anywhere in the supermarket; it was found in Egypt. A phone rang for her at work which traced back to a man in Egypt. Halik was packing bags for someone going to Egypt. The ring was stuck to a pudding, the woman was transporting to Egypt.


4. Stripper’s underwear:

This can happen, especially if you are Marcy Rhodes D’Arcy. Marcy went to a male strip club on Married with Children and lost her wedding band ring down the man’s underwear. She frantically went looking for it and had the stripper come to her neighbour’s house to drop it off.


5. City worker’s house:

This is really fate. Kelly and Sue Murrow were newlyweds when Kelly lost his ring in 1991. 20 years later a city worker finds Kelly and tells him about the lost ring. The city worker brought the ring home to clean and forgot about it until 20 years later. WOW!


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