Top 10 Teenagers that Murdered Their Parents

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6. Kandall Anderson:

A 90 minute argument over PlayStation ended tragically in November of 2010 in South Philadelphia. After taking away his PlayStation as a form of punishment, the mother went to sleep. Kendall walked about for 3 hours until he decided to attack his mother while she was sleeping. He hit her with a hammer 20 times. When the hammer would not kill her, he tried to cremate her in the oven. When that did not kill her, he beat her with a chair leg and hid her body in an alley behind the house.


7. Richardson Murder:

A 12 year old and her 23 year old boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke were arrested and convicted for the murder of the former’s parents and brother. Both Steinke and his girlfriend ran off in a friend’s car after the murder. The motive for the murder was the parents’ harsh punishment for dating Steinke.


8. Pauline Parker:

In 1954, Parker and her friend Juliet Hulme murdered her mother Honora Rieper in Christchurch, New Zealand. The motive for murder was a trip the parents were taking to South Africa. The mother would not allow Parker to join her and the father on the trip. The accomplice (Juliet Hulme) is now a fiction author, Anne Perry.


9. Cari Ann Fugate:

She was an accomplice to a spree killer, Charles Starkweather. In 1958, she helped Starkweather shoot her stepfather and mother and choke her half-sister to death. The bodies were later found in an outbuilding. The couple would also go on a rampage of robberies and murders throughout the state of Nebraska, which claimed another 8 lives.


10. Joshua McEachern:

This 17 year old gave his mother one of the worst presents every. He shot her to death and critically injured his brother after an argument. McEachern was co-operative and called 911 right away.


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