Top 10 Worst Places To Breakup

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Breakups are never easy. People should choose the right moments. These occurrences should not be public and should be done in private between the two parties. Here is a list of 10 places you should not break up with someone.


1. Restaurants:

Do yourself a favour and do not do this in a restaurant. You may end up causing a scene which may get you kicked out. Be tactful and do not choose a public place where you go usually.


2. Park:

This is definitely not a good idea. First of all, parks have kids walking around. What example are you purporting when you are arguing over an imminent break-up? Just like in a restaurant, you may be asked to leave.


3. Birthday Party:

Do not be David Silver on 90210, who broke up with his high school sweetheart on her birthday and at her birthday party. He was not very smooth about it either. Heartless people do this. Do not follow suit.


4. Vacation/Holiday:

This is the worst place to break-up. You are stuck together on the trip. You cannot just change flights just because you do not want to see the person. You may want to even try to use the time to talk.

My friend was getting married after being in a long distance relationship. As soon as things got sour, she booked an earlier flight out and was back home in no time. It cost her $150 to change flights.


5. Kitchen:

This is not a good idea to initiate a conversation about breakups. It has a number of sharp objects that should be avoided when getting someone upset.


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