Top 10 Important Facts About Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s Syndrome is a mystery to many. Many are not aware of the tics that are associated with Tourette’s Syndrome. Before teacher’s college, I believed that Tourette’s Syndrome was associated with excessive swearing. Here are the top 10 most interesting facts about the subjects.

Top 10 Common Lies Married Men Tell Their Mistresses

Usually when a story breaks about a celebrity cheating on his wife, I see it as another situation of a middle-aged man tormented by his sexual needs. There are underlying causes of extramarital affairs, such as unhappiness, feeling alone and in need of something more. Adultery is quite exciting and provides a sense of purpose to life for some.

Top 10 Mining Missions Gone Wrong

Mining is a job that entails risky labor. Many workers put their lives on the line to make money. There have been some success stories and there have been a number of tragedies. This article examines mining missions gone wrong from both perspectives (success and tragedies).

Top 10 Items We Over Consume

Advertisement was present before television, radio and in fact the internet. We can trace back advertisement to ancient Greeks who put For Sale signs on the side of their homes. Although we have seen a decline in the throwaway society, it is still quite present. People still over consume the following items.

Top 10 Famous People Who Filed for Chapter 11

One thing clear is the fact that celebrities misuse their money. Many of them entrust their accountants to help them. Here are just 10 famous people who made more in their lifetime than we will ever make and have filed for Chapter 11.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Snubbed the Queen

Big names like Sir Elton John, Dame Judy Dench and Sir Paul McCartney wear their honors with pride. They enjoy having been honored by the queen. Others on the list below refused to be honored. Some have actually regretted the decision and eventually accepted it.

Top 10 Hazards Of Elderly Driving

In the next 20 years, the number of elder drivers is expected to increase 3 folds. Statistics show that elders as well as teenagers are more likely to get into accidents as well as fender benders. This article sets to examine the causes of impaired in elders while driving.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Nortel Networks

Nortel Networks, formerly the Nortel Telecom Limited, was a multinational telecommunications company with headquarters in Canada. In 2012, top executives at Nortel, including CEO Frank Dunn, were accused of cooking the books. Accruals were shifted in order to prevent profit which would trigger employee bonuses.

Top 10 Extremely Large Newborns

Recent news of extremely large babies being born sparked my interest. Many babies are overgrown and weigh 3X the normal weight. The reoccurring cause is diabetes. Let’s take a look at the case studies and see who beat the record.