Top 10 Worst Mishaps at the ATM Machine

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ATM Machines are considered the worst places to complete transactions and withdrawals. Many mishaps do occur, sadly changing people`s lives forever.


1. Mouse stuck:

Gholam Hafezi was shocked when he could not get a receipt for his money withdrawal. Instead of a receipt, he saw shoe lace like figure stuck in the machine. Grabbing the lace, he realized it was the tail of a mouse. The ATM machine was located in a Coop Forum grocery store. The management refused to help Hafezi.


2. ATM door collapse:

In Kolkata, India a woman almost lost her pinky finger when the glass door of an ATM collapsed on her. The finger was pretty damaged and may not be functional.


3. Fraudulent Checks:

A 24 year old woman from Brooklyn was arrested for depositing a fraudulent check into her personal account. She also made an ATM withdrawal to obtain the money. The loss could have cost the victim a total of $8000.


4. Magical Doritos ad:

A man bites on his Doritos and woman`s dress comes off. He bites again and cash comes flying out of the ATM machine. As he bites for the third time, a police officer is turned into a monkey. As he runs out, he gets hit by a bus. MAGIC ad.


5. Drive Thru-stuck:

A 65 year old woman, Janice Tucker died when her head got stuck between her van`s door and the post next to the ATM. It was deemed an accident.


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