Top 10 Worst Mishaps at the ATM Machine

ATM Machines are considered the worst places to complete transactions and withdrawals. Many mishaps do occur, sadly changing people`s lives forever.


1. Mouse stuck:

Gholam Hafezi was shocked when he could not get a receipt for his money withdrawal. Instead of a receipt, he saw shoe lace like figure stuck in the machine. Grabbing the lace, he realized it was the tail of a mouse. The ATM machine was located in a Coop Forum grocery store. The management refused to help Hafezi.


2. ATM door collapse:

In Kolkata, India a woman almost lost her pinky finger when the glass door of an ATM collapsed on her. The finger was pretty damaged and may not be functional.


3. Fraudulent Checks:

A 24 year old woman from Brooklyn was arrested for depositing a fraudulent check into her personal account. She also made an ATM withdrawal to obtain the money. The loss could have cost the victim a total of $8000.


4. Magical Doritos ad:

A man bites on his Doritos and woman`s dress comes off. He bites again and cash comes flying out of the ATM machine. As he bites for the third time, a police officer is turned into a monkey. As he runs out, he gets hit by a bus. MAGIC ad.


5. Drive Thru-stuck:

A 65 year old woman, Janice Tucker died when her head got stuck between her van`s door and the post next to the ATM. It was deemed an accident.


6. Stamps:

A mishap was reported in 2010. A man went to withdraw money from an ATM. Instead of getting money, he received 4 sheets of stamps. He repeated the steps and got the same thing.


7. Pin in reverse:

A friend of mine wondered what would happen if he entered his card pin in reverse. Before he could leave the building the police was on his tail.


8. Dubai power failure:

In June of 2005, Dubai experienced a major power failure. The power cut lasted 4 hours and major industrial areas were affected. ATM networks were all closed down, no one could withdraw cash.


9. Robbery:

A man grabbed another guy’s wallet in Edmonds in August of 2010. The victim was walking back from the ATM machine and to his car. The victim was in his late 60s.


10. 1000s of dollars gone missing:

Somehow an individual I worked with lost all of her savings when someone made a withdrawal from her account from an ATM machine. The incident was being investigated, but the poor girl was treated for shock.


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