Top 10 Interesting Facts About Whitney Houston

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6. Bodyguard:

The film the bodyguard was her first fil ever. What many do not know is that the movie was listed as one of 235 most memorable movie moments of the last 25 years in 2007. Not many singers and songwriters make a hit on the first shot on the big screen.


7. Decline:

Decline occurred towards the end of 1990s. She was viewed as a good girl before that. She would often be late for shows, concerts, interviews; sometimes even cancelling them.


8. Voice:

Whitney Houston was mezzo-soprano and was referred to as “The Voice”. She had great talent and an excelling voice. Sadly, personal troubles got in the way.


9. Dionne Warwick:

Dionne Warwick, her cousin was the last one to see Whitney Houston alive. Her aunt was the one who discovered her.


10. Dee Dee Warwick:

Approximately 3.5 years before Whitney died, her cousin Dee Dee Warwick died of complications from a drug addiction. The effects of drugs led her spent the last years in a nursing home. She died surrounded by her sister, Dionne.


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