Top 10 Best Recommendations In Drummond Report Of 2012

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6. Wage Freeze on Doctors:

I think that is fair until we do get back on our feet. That is only if politicians take a pay cut, include McGuinty himself.


7. Online prescription refills, test results & appointments:

We are in the 21st century. Technology has improved since half a decade ago when universal health care came into being in Canada. Let’s make life easier.


8. Maximum tuition increase of 5%.

Amin. There should be no increase at all. How do they expect us to pay for higher education when we have to go to school full time. At least this would be a starter. I would also want to add getting rid of sabbaticals. Why do professors necessitate leaving to do research when they can do teaching and research at the same time?


9. Close 1 of 2 Lottery corporations (OLG) offices:

McGuinty increases our taxes, but keeps more offices than necessary for gambling? What necessitates this? It’s an addiction that should not be paid out from our pockets.


10. Divert non-acute patients to family doctor and clinics:

This is true as our hospitals are flooded. I was once in a Greater Toronto Hospital where there was 1 doctor for the whole emergency working from 10pm-6am on a Saturday night.


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