Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Somali Pirates

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Although the pirates attacked and attempted to hijack vessels in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, most of them were not successful. In 2008 for example, only 42 of the 111 attacks were successful hijackings.



Given the collapse of Barre government, the Somali Navy has been weakened. Given the lack of centralized government, there has not been a consensus on defence. Pirates are their form of defense against foreigners.



70% of coastal villagers and fisherman support the pirates.



There has been a rise over the concerns of illegal fishing by foreign corporations. This has also put salt on the wounds of Somalis. The inability of the international community to find a solution made them take action into their own hands.



Most of the pirates are young adults. Pirates are recruited as teenagers to join in the defense against foreigners and those who pollute the waters near Somalia.


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