Top 10 Horrifying Statements Made By Prince Phillip

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6. Papua New Guinea:

Quote: “You managed not to get eaten then?”

Comment: Many primitive tribes in Papua New Guinea are still into cannibalism. Many of the tribes never knew others existed before the 1900s. Here, the Duke was being hyperbolic, because not all tribes are cannibals.


7. Australian Aborigines:

Quote: “”Do you still throw spears at each other?”

Comment: No wonder the Queen is losing popularity. She cannot keep her husband’s mouth shut. He has run his mouth out on almost everyone you can imagine.


8. China:

Quote: “If you stay here much longer, you’ll be all slitty-eyed!”

Comment: This is another stereotype. What example is he providing to the British students studying in China?


9. Aspiring Astronaut:

In 2001, he told a 13 year old aspiring astronaut that he was too fat. He again does not lead by example.


10. British women:

Quote: “British women can’t cook.”

Comment: This says a lot about his wife and many others in Britain. Then again he is not an English-born.


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