Top 10 Individuals Accused Of Pedophilia

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6. Dale Akki:

Akki is a developmentally delayed man whose wife was a volunteer baby sitter at Faith Chapel in Spring Valley, California. He was accused of molesting a young girl who told her mother that Akki showed her his penis. After interviewing other kids, Akki was accused of killing animals and sucking their blood out in from of the children. He was eventually found not guilty.


7. Julian & Tali Wendrow:

These parents have an autistic child. The child is non-verbal and uses a facilitator communicator to speak. The facilitation communicator made a number of errors, accusing the parents of child molestation. After extensive studies done with and without the facilitator, the results proved insufficient.


8. James Elstad:

He was a police officer who in 1992 was accused of child molestation charges in Martensville day care centre. In 2006, the charges were found to be bogus.


9. Edward Revesz:

This police officer, along with Elstad was arrested on child molestation charges in Martensville day care centre. He was also found innocent.


10. Former foster couple:

A former foster couple in Saskatchewan was accused of abusing 3 foster children under their care. That turned out to be false and ended with charges being dropped.


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