Top 10 Disturbing Primetime TV Shows

Some Primetime TV shows are excruciatingly disturbing in their storylines. I sometimes wonder how they manage to stay on air season after season. TV shows are supposed to censor the gruesome activity and make it as Pg-13 as possible. Here is a list of 10 primetime TV shows which are quite disturbing to watch.


1. Dexter:

I have to add this show on the list. The show forces viewers to love a serial killer who enjoys killing other serial killers. The show is a bit sadistic and has created controversy with various critics. Timothy F. Winter was quoted as saying that the show “compels viewers to emphasize with serial killers”. Somehow it is in its 6th season.


2. Nip/Tuck:

I cannot get the image of Roxy taking a knife and performing a mastectomy on herself in the waiting room. I was even shocked at Christian’s reaction to the people in the support group for breast cancer. He actually made fun of them.


3. Seinfeld:

4 individuals (main characters) are clearly disturbed in this show that ran for 8 seasons in the 1990s. They find themselves lurking for trouble over and over again. For example, one episode illustrated the main characters participating in a contest of who could survive the longest without sex. Another instance, George Constanza takes pictures of himself posing nude to attract a lady working in a camera store. In the series finale, all 4 individuals make fun of someone being robbed and are sent to prison.


4. Married with Children:

I find this show equally disturbing to Seinfeld. Running between 1987 and 1997, the show surrounded a working class family, the Bundy`s. Al Bundy was clearly a disturbed individual who made fun of fat people and flat chested women. I do not see any example this show exhibits throughout its run.


5. True Blood:

Sex and violence are two common themes on the show. The whole show is about vampires being made into honorary citizens. The scenes are so gruesome, you may lose your appetite. One episode where Bill turned Lorena’s head 180 degrees around was equal on that ground.


6. The Sopranos:

There was one episode of the Sopranos that was gruesome. In May of 2006, the show featured a storyline about homosexual and closeted father of two. The show looked at how he ran away due to fears of being discovered and how he was sodomized with a pool stick. Do TV Shows really need to be that graphic and detailed?


7. ER:

ER was a drama show on television that had disturbing episodes. The later seasons of the show exhibited violent scenes and gruesome images. From war, to someone’s arm being amputated to a doctor being stabbed to death by a mental patient. The show went into great details to bring viewers the exact nature of work in ER.


8. Roseanne:

This show also makes me wonder what kind of family was featured on the show. I would never in the world put my kids with Roseanne as their sitter, nevertheless mother.


9. Two and a half Men:

Allan and Charlie are not your best role models. In fact, I wonder how Children’s Society never took Allan’s son away from him. Charlie was the most sadistic man on the show.


10. iCarly:

This prime time show disturbs me to a certain degree as well. I can call out Spencer’s (Carly’s brother) irresponsible parenting skills on more than one occasion. He is offbeat and never acts as a mature adult. This means that Carly is living in a house with no responsible adults. Interesting!


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  1. James Anderson

    Top 10 Disturbing TV Shows…

    Who ever wrote this must live under a rainbow.. In a town called fluffy bunny 1234 Kitten Rd… These are all great shows. I love every one of them.. Married with Children and Rosanne ?….Seriously ? These were family show’s… Not every show on tv is based on real life.. Its for entertainment….A 10 year old child could come up with a better list… The only shows that should be on this list is Sopranos, Dexter and true blood… You complained about each one.. But then yet you subject yourself to watch them then complain about it… This article is more offensive to me than any tv series.


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