Top 10 Disturbing Primetime TV Shows

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6. The Sopranos:

There was one episode of the Sopranos that was gruesome. In May of 2006, the show featured a storyline about homosexual and closeted father of two. The show looked at how he ran away due to fears of being discovered and how he was sodomized with a pool stick. Do TV Shows really need to be that graphic and detailed?


7. ER:

ER was a drama show on television that had disturbing episodes. The later seasons of the show exhibited violent scenes and gruesome images. From war, to someone’s arm being amputated to a doctor being stabbed to death by a mental patient. The show went into great details to bring viewers the exact nature of work in ER.


8. Roseanne:

This show also makes me wonder what kind of family was featured on the show. I would never in the world put my kids with Roseanne as their sitter, nevertheless mother.


9. Two and a half Men:

Allan and Charlie are not your best role models. In fact, I wonder how Children’s Society never took Allan’s son away from him. Charlie was the most sadistic man on the show.


10. iCarly:

This prime time show disturbs me to a certain degree as well. I can call out Spencer’s (Carly’s brother) irresponsible parenting skills on more than one occasion. He is offbeat and never acts as a mature adult. This means that Carly is living in a house with no responsible adults. Interesting!


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