Top 10 Examples of Infinite Levels of Stupidity

Albert Einstein once said, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the universe.” Taking the base of this quote, this article looks at how infinite stupidity is? Was Einstein correct in his assumption?


1. Everyone can act with stupidity:

People who have been judged as rational and intelligent can turn out to be stupid at various points in their lives. For example, there is an intelligent lawyer. He knows how to win court cases and he is unbeatable. When it comes to friends, he sometimes has a weakness or Achilles’ heel. They use him as a hot timali.


2. Mistakes do happen:

People do make mistakes. These mistakes are avoidable and could easily be averted. For example, an individual was interested in a girl who he actually loved. The girl was married and was going for her ph.d. You may be academically successful and intelligent, but frankly other things you suck at, specifically social skills. The guy she was cheating with continued the fling for 3 years. He claims he cannot stand stupidity. Sometimes it is lurking at your doorstep.


3. Blind Eye:

Everyone probably has gone through this at least once in their lifetime. We turn a blind eye and trust someone. It hurts when they stab you in the back when you least expect it. The motto here is to keep both eyes open and to keep friends close, enemies closer.


4. Soft Spot:

Everyone also has a soft spot which is a source of human stupidity. It hits everyone when they least expect it. The worst is when it comes from a friend or family member.


5. Causing someone a loss:

A stupid person is a person who causes a loss to someone else or to a group of persons while he/she is developing no gain and perhaps even experiencing losses. This is actually the 3rd of 5 laws of stupidity written by Carlo Cipollo.


6. Wars:

Every country at least once or twice made stupid moves which could have prevented disasters. During WWI, leaders acted irrationally and battled it on a bloodfield over who gets the most land. During WWII, Canadian Prime Minister King could have caught on to Hitler, but was brainwashed instead. French and English leaders were similar as they agreed to the terms in the Munich Pact. Most recently, Gaddafi from Libya could have saved himself by fleeing Libya, but utilized his power to the extremes. The list is exponential.


7. Helpless:

Everyone feels helpless in one way or another. Rather than seeking empathy, they seek pity. One person I know is intelligent, has the capacity to think, but portrays herself as helpless. She, like many others, allows people to control her.


8. Irrationality:

Despite the belief in enlightenment, we are irrational beings. Like realists say, we are in a world with anarchy. United Nations was established to regulate stupidity (I meant irrational activity), especially after WWII.


9. Falling for scams:

This stupidity is endless as well. People let others take control of them and let themselves fall victim to scams.


10. The cocky person:

Cocky people are stubborn and there are endless people I can name who are in fact that. For example, this one person pushed his friend to go after a girl on a group trip. He even called his friend someone who has no balls. But, when the cocky individual went on another trip, he took 7 days to pick a girl, another 2 weeks to ask her out, and another 3 months to kiss her. Sometimes, cocky individuals are more stupid then they let others believe.


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