Top 10 Disadvantages Of Wind Power

Wind Power has a number of advantages which should be noted. It is an anti-pollutant and is renewable. However, there are a number of disadvantages that one should note as well. This article examines the 10 disadvantages of wind power, if ever used.



The wind and its strength is not constant and varies from 0 to storm force. Electricity thus is not produced the same all the time.



Given that the wind is not constant, the energy is not reliable. Many times the wind is too low to support wind turbines or wind farms.



Wind turbines can become noisy. The equivalence is similar to a car travelling driving approximately 100 to 110 km/h.



Wind power does produce pollution, especially when it is being manufactured. Pollution is created by the machines that build will turbines.



Not a lot of homes can be powered by 1 turbine. For example, a single large turbine can provide electricity for 475 homes. This would be ideal for rural homes, but not for homes in suburban and urban areas.



There is a growing shift from rural areas to urban areas. It will be very hard to set up a wind turbine inside an urban area.



There are other greener options that are as good as wind turbines. Hydroelectric power is also safe and clean to the environment. The cost of building it may differ; however, one should realize the difference in capacities. Hydroelectric powerplants can provide electricity to a larger city, while wind turbines can only provide a small amount of communities with electricity.



Some birds have been killed by wind turbines. The deaths are extremely low, but do occur and should be noted.



Predictions are hard when it comes to long term weather conditions. We can never know if wind power would be effective in advanced.



Where are we going to place the big machine? In suburban and urban areas it does not seem as good of an option to implement.


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  1. Steve

    You should check out Europe. There are turbines everywhere, especially in Germany, Netherlands and the Austria/Hungary northern border region. Urban areas can be supplied with electricity using cables just as it does with coal/hydro/nuclear power. Hydro is NOT friendly to the environment. Recent studies have shown that whole ecosystems on both sides of the dam are severely damaged over time. Birds are also killed by pollution from current generating plants, especially coal.


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