Top 10 Famous Duels

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6. Andrew Jackson vs. Charles Dickenson:

Andrew Jackson was known for his violent actions and his racist policies towards the Native Americans. The troubles between the two began when Dickenson alleged Jackson cheated on a horse race. One thing led to another and Dickenson insulted Jackson’s wife. Given the defamation, Jackson challenged Dickenson to a duel, which the latter agreed to. Both Jackson and Dickinson were wounded, but Jackson took the duel one step too far and killed the latter at point blank.


7. Daniel O’Connell vs. John D’Estrere:

The Irish political leader (O’Connell) was famous for his many duels. Unlike others, he was remorseful of his actions. Given his emotional state, many of his opponents called him a coward. This was especially the case when he fought and killed John D’Estrere. O’Connell covered the hand that killed D’Estrete when entering the church to cover his sins.


8. Henry Clay vs. John Randolph:

Despite dueling being illegal in Virginia, Secretary of State Henry Clay challenged U.S. Senator John Randolph of Roanoke. Clay called Randolph out for insulting him in a speech in the Senate. The duel took place on 8 April 1826 where both first shots missed their intended targets. The duel ended with both unhurt opponents meeting each other halfway and shaking hands.


9. Mark Anthony vs. Octavian:

Mark Anthony challenged Octavian to a dual after the latter defeated the formal in the battle of Actium. The point of contention was Alexandria, which Octavian tried to take over. Octavian refused to duel, so it never took place.


10. José Batlle y Ordóñez vs. Washington Beltrán Barbat:

Former President José Batlle y Ordóñez challenged Washington Beltrán Barbat to formal duel which resulted in the death of the latter. The former president was offended by Barbat, a journalist who published by Beltrán in the newspaper El País. This was not the first duel for the former president who previously challenged two others to the same.


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