Top 10 People Who Gave Narcissistic Personality Disorder A Name

Narcissists are those who are tremendously selfish beings and who are preoccupied with having power, control, prestige and vanity. They are self-centered, thinking about themselves and no one else.

This list highlights 10 people who gave narcissistic personality disorder a name. Many of the individuals on this list are sadistic, cruel and antisocial. However, this list also includes those who theorized the term. It attempts to give credit to the people who let us understand the psyche of the sadistic, cruel and powerful few.


1. Sigmund Freud:

This Austrian psychologist tops this list as the co-founder of narcissism and the one who made us understand the minds of some of the cruelest people. In his paper On Narcissism he looked at the relationship between Ego and External Objects.

Narcissism for him was an intermediate stage between auto-erotism and object-love; a failure to grow up.


2. Adolph Hitler:

Sadly this man is on the same list as good men like Freud, Binet and Nacke. This man was self-centered, preoccupied with power, control, prestige, grandiosity and everything else imaginable. There is no other description needed. Freud was right, narcissism was a failure to grow up, especially in this case.


3. Joseph Stalin:

Political opposition was eliminated during the Stalin era. Stalin was so preoccupied with having power, control, prestige and vanity that he jailed and sent to Gulags anyone who disagreed with him. He even sent his henchmen to Mexico to kill Leon Trotsky, who he felt was a threat.


4. Brian Blackwell:

Blackwell is a murderer in England. He killed both his parents in cold blood. Blackwell was diagnosed with Narcissistic personal behaviour as he was preoccupied with self-importance and showed little signs of empathy.


5. Joseph Mengele:

This doctor was known as Angel of Death during WWII. He would perform sadistic treatments on twins and on little people. He would inject blue dye into people eyes to see if they would change colour. He evaded death and lived life to the fullest in South America. Justice was never served for his victims.


6. Ted Bundy:

This psychopathic serial killer was also another narcissist. He had a number of characteristics of a narcissist like grandiosity and manipulation. He was also self-centered and enjoyed being in the public eye. He granted interviewers to reporters, giving them a peak in the mind of a serial killer. The man was executed in 1989.


7. Marilyn Manson:

I have to add him on this list. When confronted over the allegation that his music inspired Columbine Shootings, he simply denied it. He also stated that the killers needed more attention and that was the cause. Manson was self-centered in the situation.


8. Paul Nacke:

He is a philosopher who used the term to describe men who were sexually excited by their own bodies. I guess in his book, all men could be narcissist in one way or another.


9. Alfred Binet:

He is famously known for his invention of the first intelligence test, better known as the IQ Test. He was the first one to use the term narcissism and viewed it as “self love”-well in a debauched way.


10. O.J. Simpson:

O.J. Simpson is a person who lacks empathy. Furthermore he is a person who is often envious of others. He also believes that he is special and deserves merit.


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  1. ey

    first of all,freud was from austria,not france…
    and second:marilyn manson?you gotta be kidding!
    what he said about columbine was extremely smart,but even if you think
    he handled the situation “self-centered” as you call it,thats by far not
    enough to classify someone as a narcissist…
    you put him on the same list as hitler,gotta think about that…

  2. john

    How come Marilyn Manson on the list?
    He is doing his stuff.he is simply watching his own ass.may be what others fail to do…And that’s not narcissism.


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