Top 10 Greatest Fights between Animals and Humans

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This article was written for two main reasons. I personally had to endure a war between myself and an animal. A decade ago, I fought a bull dog for 30 minutes, trying to distract it. I would not be in one piece if it were not for a neighbour and a driver who helped me get rid of the problem, yet in the wrong way.


1. Steve Irwin vs. Stingray:

Better known as the Crocodile Hunter, Irwin was a wild man who performed stunts involved species of many kinds. His show the Crocodile Hunter was shown in 130 countries and had 50 million viewers. Sadly, his love for animals came to an abrupt end. He was pierced in the chest by a stingray and died.


2. Shannon Ainslie vs. Great White Sharks:

Not many people battle the great white sharks and can live to tell the tail. While surfing with his brother and friends, Ainslie was ambushed by 2 Great White Sharks. Thankfully, he survived. With 3 stitches and two reattached fingers, Ainslie still holds scars from the ambush. This; however, does not keep him from surfing.


3. Man vs. Kangaroo:

This is one of the most bizarre fights I’ve ever heard of. In China, a man dresses up like a clown and fights a kangaroo. Kangaroos are great fighters especially their forepaw jabs, grappling, and their own unique style of kickboxing.


4. Man vs. Leopard:

A number of people in the town of Nisak decided to thrown stones at a leopard to distract it. The leopard caught on to them and kidnapped a man who was one of those disturbing the leopard. The spectators ended up saving the man and were able to get rid of the leopard by clubbing it to death.


5. James Morrow vs. Alligator:

This fight ended well. Morrow was snorkeling in Florida. While snorkeling, he found his head inside of an alligator. He is one of the few to have lived to survive. The alligator put Morrow’s head to its taste buds and let go.


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