Top 10 Jobs In Decreasing Demand

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6. Postal Service Mail Sorters, processors:

It is expected that 1 in 3 will not be in this profession within the next few years. Companies and individuals are opting for environmentally friendly options such as emails, internet. Banks have now also opted for e-money to send cheques.


7. Rig worker:

This is a lucrative job where people make $50,000. Due to a moratorium, the demands for this job is expected to drop. In the United States, 10s of thousands of rig workers are unemployed after the BP disaster.


8. Auto workers:

With the bankruptcy of Chrysler and General Motors, the auto worker jobs are dropping. Thousands of workers are being laid off as machines are taking over their workload.


9. Early Childhood Educators:

The demand is also decreasing, even though many are graduating, The younger generation is dwindling.


10. Construction worker:

These jobs are also set to decrease in demand since the price of real estate properties have plummeted.



“10 Job in Decreased Demand” T+D 65.11 (Nov 2011)


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