Top 10 Celebrities Who Snubbed the Queen

Big names like Sir Elton John, Dame Judy Dench and Sir Paul McCartney wear their honours with pride. They enjoy having been honoured by the queen. Others on the list below refused to be honoured. Some have actually regretted the decision and eventually accepted it.


1. Phillip Larkin:

This poet refused to become an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). He was to be recognized for his service in the arts, sciences, charities and as a public body. He later did accept the honour.


2. Roald Dahl:

The author of Charlie and Chocolate Factor also refused to receive the honour. The notice was released by the British government. Before this, the information was kept private until the individuals announced it themselves.


3. Benjamin Zephaniah:

In 2003, this man really went overboard to snub the Queen’s honour. He made a statement that said, “Me? I thought, OBR me? Up yours, I thought…” Not really nice, if you ask. I can see how much he loves his Queen, not.


4. David Bowie:

This musician who is still famous and alive today also refused to be honoured by the Queen in 2000. He is an amazing singer with an exceptional talent. Hopefully he changes his mind before it is too late.


5. Alfred Hitchcock:

Yes this man and film director also made this list of people who snubbed the queen’s honour. In fact, he regretted the decision so much that he changed his mind in 1979 and got knighted. This man is really a master of suspense. Yet, he died only a couple of months later.


6. JG Ballard:

This novelist rejected a CBE for his role in literature. He felt it was deplorable because left wing playwriters got the same knighthood. He found it atrocious that a man like David Hare knelt down in front of the Queen.


7. Vanessa Redgrave:

This baroness and the mother of the late Natasha Richardson also snubbed the queen and her honour. Her class has still not changed.


8. John Lennon:

We loved John Lennon and for his exceptional voice with the Beatles. Little do we know that he was one of those who snubbed the queen in 1966. He not only refused her honour, but returned the award by protesting the British government’s involvement in the Nigerian civil war. He really made a bold statement that he stood by until his death.


9. C.S. Lewis

In 1952, this creator of the Chronicles of Narnia series declined to receive the honour in 1952. It is quite a darn shame, since he is very well liked and is famous for his books, which are now motion pictures.


10. Audrey Callaghan:

In 1979, this woman refused the honour for Damehood as well. Her husband James Callaghan led the Labour Party into its 18th year out of office. I kind of understand why she felt she never deserved the honour. She was, however famous for her fundraising efforts to improve children’s health and welfare.


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