Top 10 Hottest Countries In The World

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6. Saudi Arabia:

In 2010, Saudi Arabia experienced a hot year. In Jeddah temperatures rose up to 52◦C. The heat wave was accompanied by a sandstorm. This caused a major blackout in 8 power plants in the country.


7. India:

India faced a number of heat waves within the last decade. In 2003 a heat wave killed at least 1065 people in the Southern part of India. In 2010, the heat wave that struck the country caused a major blow to the northwestern economy and its reliance on cotton.


8. Iran:

The country is also known to have hot climates, especially in the Lut Desert. This part of the country has seen temperatures rise up to 71◦C.


9. Thailand:

This country has a warm and tropical climate which is affected by annual monsoons. The hot seasons are between April and May. Bangkok has been recorded as the city with high and extreme temperature rising over 50◦C.


10. Chile:

One third of the country is dry and hot all year round. The country itself lies within 3 climate zones: tropical, subtropical and temperate. There were record highs in 2010 in the northern parts of Chile in 2010. The coastal part usually is cooler.


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