Top 10 Common Lies Married Men Tell Their Mistresses

Usually when a story breaks about a celebrity cheating on his wife I see it as another situation of a middle-aged man tormented by his sexual needs. There are underlying causes of extramarital affairs, such as unhappiness, feeling alone and in need of something more. Adultery is quite exciting and provides a sense of purpose to life for some people.

Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Lastman, Donald Trump, JFK all have had affairs and got caught. Although the details are quite vague, one thing is for sure: They were not always honest with their wives and mistresses. Raise your hand if you recognize 1 or 2 of these excuses.


1. I will end it with her soon:

This usually is a man’s way of saying that he does not have enough balls to choose. He probably does enjoy playing both sides and having both a mistress and a wife. Then again, who would not?


2. I am single:

Unless you are George Constanza, many men would not admit to their mistresses that they are married or are in a relationship. They would simply keep going at it until they are caught.


3. We sleep separately:

This is truly a lie. They make it look like they have nowhere else to go and they must be in the same house. Many married men do have a choice and the choices they make a reflective of their attitudes.


4. I am committed to you:

Have you ever heard of the expression, Once a cheater is always a cheater? What is to say that the same person who cheated on his wife will not cheat on you?


5. There is nothing between my wife and I:

Think about it this way….if there was nothing there…the man would not keep going back to the wife time and time again. Again, this has to do with growing enough courage. If the man does not have enough courage, that is a problem.


6. It’s her that is a problem and not me:

I’ve heard that expression before used on mistresses who feel they are not appreciated or loved. In fact, many men reassure their mistresses with this speech that they are not at fault. Remember that it takes two to tango. The first person to cheat is usually the one at fault.


7. My wife does not understand me the way you do:

Another good lie that man use to try con the mistress into staying with him. The man is usually trying to smooth things over and trying to calm the mistress down.


8. I don’t love her:

Good one, but why marry her in the first place? Sparks did initially fly.


9. She abuses me:

This is another excuse to get pity from the mistress. It could work with a bit of charm. Never fall for this because usually this will not lead you anywhere if you are the mistress.


10. My wife and I do not do it:

They may not do it often, but they are doing it once a while. Most guys play both sides, getting the maximum satisfaction.


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  1. Carpenter

    “between my wife and I”? Women in The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad are fond of using “I” when it should be “me”, thinking that it sounds sophisticated. The rest of us don’t need to follow, we can still use correct grammar.


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