Top 10 Important Facts About Tourette’s Syndrome

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Tourette’s Syndrome is a mystery to many. Many are not aware of the tics that are associated with Tourette’s Syndrome. Before teacher’s college, I believed that Tourette’s Syndrome was associated with excessive swearing. Here are the top 10 most interesting facts about the subjects.



Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by motor and vocal tics. Tics are usually sudden and repetitive movements or sounds that some people make unintentionally.



Many tics disappear in less than one year. These are known as mild tics that do not interfere with a person’s life. The tics that last longer are known as chronic tics.



Despite misconceptions, Tourette ’s syndrome is not contagious. It is however inherited by genetics from parent to child during development in the wound.



There is no cure but as someone gets older, the tics become less apparent.



1 in 100 people are affected by this neurological disorder. Boys are 3 times as likely to be diagnosed with the condition.


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