Top 10 Political Embarassments

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6. Chris Myers:

This mayor in New Jersey is one man who allegedly performed monstrosity. He was caught having a dangerous liaison with someone other than his wife. The person was a prostitute and a male and actions took place in a sleazy hotel. Myers refused to comment on allegations. The person who leaked the photos over the internet was the prostitute himself.


7. Mildred Fernandez:

In February of 2012, Fernandez was sentenced to 22 months in jail. A videotape caught her taking cash for her campaign from an agent who was working undercover. Fernandez pleaded no contest to the allegations. She got the minimum sentences required for such crimes.


8. Daniel Vitter:

This senator is a Republican from Louisiana. He has consistently voted against gay rights and is purely puritan in his platform. In 2007, revelations were made about him. His number was included and published on a phone records list from Pamela Martin and Associates. Pamela Martin & Associates was accused by the government of prostitution services. Vitter received 5 calls from this service.


9. Phillip Hinkle:

I really believe that much of the Republican Party is pro-gay. They are only against the policy because of a strong belief and spirit inside the party. Phillip Hinkle, who claimed to be an anti-gay politician was caught hiring a male prostitute through Craigslist. A sugga daddy for $80 plus tips was offered.


10. Chris Lee:

This man disowned Craigslist in public. In private he sent correspondences to a woman including topless pictures. He claimed he was divorced, which was untrue. I am sure kids will now take him seriously, especially his warnings against using Craigslist.


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