Top 10 Oldest Couples To Divorce

Elderly couples increasingly are getting divorced well into their 60s, 70s and even in their 90s. Most recently a number of them made headlines and should be entered into the Guinness World Records. I guess these 10 couples do not believe in till death do we part.


1. Bertie & Jessie Wood (98):

In 2009, a British couple became the oldest couple to divorce. After 36 years of marriage they decided to call it quits, 2 years shy of their 100th birthday. It is still unclear as to why the couple split. This is even sadder given that Bertie Wood passed away almost a year later.


2. Antonio (99) & Rosa (96) C.:

A 1940s affair causes one couple to go to splitsville in December of 2011 after 77 years of marriage. Feeling guilty she confessed the whole thing to her husband. He was unable to forgive her despite the elapsed time since the betrayal took place.


3. South Korean Couple (94/83):

The 94 year old man and his 83 year old wife became Korea’s oldest divorcees in March of 2009. The source of the irreconcilable differences was the humiliation she suffered with 6 of her husband’s children from a previous marriage. He claims that the marriage fell apart after she had an affair.


4. Al & Tipper Gore (62):

After 40 years of marriage this couple called it quits. This comes a decade after both stood on the podium kissing graciously at the Democratic Convention.


5. Georg Meister (81) & Ruth Meister (83):

Ruth divorced Georg after 60 years of marriage after he was caught having a love affair with mistress at work. The mistress was 30 years younger than Georg and the affair was revealed when the curtains were not pulled at work.


6. Eliza & Mircea Bardu (70):

This Romanian couple hit splitsville after 50 years of marriage. Eliza claims that her husband spent too much of the couple’s pension money to feed 20 stray dogs three times a day. They are left hungry because of this.


7. JM (84) & Vimia (80) Kohli:

This couple was facing a divorce in 2010 despite the husband suffering from a brain haemorrhage. They got married in 1953, but things turned bad in 1955 and so they divorced. In 1967, they remarried, but again are divorcing for the second time. They sight Vimia’s greed for property as the reason for irreconcilable differences.


8. Huang & her husband:

Ananova reported that a couple in China were divorcing after the husband decided to have a sex change. They were both in their 80s and have been married for decades. The man had the change done and came home as a woman.


9. US couple:

A US couple made news recently when they decided to go for divorce in their 90s. When asked why by their lawyer, they said they waited for their kids to die.


10. Rupert Murdoch (68) & Anna Maria Torv:

This couple divorced in 1999 after 32 years of marriage. She received a settlement of $1.2 billion in assets. 17 days after the divorce, he married Deng Wendi, who was 30 at the time.


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