Top 10 Reasons Britney Spears Is More Popular Than Queen Victoria

A recent survey was done by Google-Harvard researchers. They attempted to examine the reasons why Britney Spears is more popular than Queen Victoria or vice versa. They noticed that fame is much younger these days, but are more short-lived than ever before. Taking a stance in support of Britney Spears, this article examines the reasons why she is more popular than Queen Victoria.


1. Innovation is faster:

Since the early 19th century innovation has been spreading faster than ever before. For instance, things that happened in the late 1800s spread twice as fast as innovations which occurred in the early 1800s.


2. Alive vs. Dead:

Queen Victoria is dead political figure (obviously). Britney Spears is not. She continuously makes headlines in news articles throughout the contemporary age.


3. Younger:

Britney Spears caught fame at a young age of 16. Queen Victoria only became the Queen at 19. This means that celebrities are catching attention at a much younger age. Other examples of this are Mandy Moore and Justin Bieber.


4. Google Search Results:

I did a test on Google and it seems that my predictions have been correct so far.

Google Keyword Search: Britney and Spears

Queen and Victoria

Queen Victoria caught 333 million hits, while Britney Spears beat her with 717,000.


5. Technology:

The world of technology has improved. The way we receive information has changed. The medium is the message as Marshall McLuhan once said.


6. Forgetting the past:

It seems that we are forgetting the past faster each year. Harvard-Google team did an analysis and found that the frequency the years 1875 to 1975 appeared in texts have decreased rapidly, especially the reference to the subject of events between that time.


7. Relatable:

Teenagers, adolescents and young adults can better relate to Britney Spears and her many struggles. Queen Victoria was someone who lived in the 19th century; many of her problems are no longer relatable.


8. Scandalous:

Britney Spears is currently more scandalous than Queen Victoria. People do love gossip, otherwise Britney Spears would not make headlines time and time again.


9. Queen Victoria who?

How many of us even know who Queen Victoria is? Many Canadians cannot name the first woman to be Prime Minister. Majority of Americans cannot identify the 50 states.


10. Imperial past:

Queen Victoria is attached to the imperial past. Many people around the world look at that past as Britain’s downfall, especially during WWI and WWII.


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