Top 10 Myths About Home Remedies

This article sets out to debunk the myths about home remedies and colds. As a certified First Aid/CPR personnel, I understand where people make their mistakes.


Myth 1: Butter on burns helps with healing

Truth: This is not the case. DO NOT put butter on burns. It will only cook the skin and the wound even more when exposed to light or heat. You’ve also placed an unclear and foreign object on an opening that could easily be infected. Run the burn with cold war for 10 minutes Use ointment/topical cream and dressing to cover.


Myth 2: Cue tips clean out dirty ears

Truth: This is not the case. Do not insert any objects into your ear, especially cue tips. People are prone to do this all time. If the ear becomes contaminated, flush it out with water. There are specific tools which will allow you to do so. Check your local drug mart for more details


Myth 3: If dressing not put on properly, remove it.

Truth: .Once the dressing is on, do not remove it. It is already doing its job by trying to suppress the blood. If you need to put more dressing then do so, but DO NOT remove ones that are on the wound.


Myth 4: Vinegar compresses help sunburns

Truth: Do not add any compresses that may cause stinging or an unwanted reaction. Remember that vinegar is an acid that will burn your skin, especially with sunburns. Use cold war compresses instead.


Myth 5: Use peroxide on scrapes and cuts and leave open to the air.

Truth: No. This kills body cells that are helping the body eliminate bacteria.


Myth 6: Apple Cider Vinegar helps beat heartburn

Truth: No it does not. It mostly is used to kill germs and weight loss. There is no evidence of heartburn remedies.


Myth 7: White rum with lemon juice and water to reduce fever

Truth: Alcohol cools down the body to shivers. Do not attempt to do this.


Myth 8: Do not go outside with wet hair

Truth: Colds are caused by viruses and not by cold weather. You thus cannot get a cold from having wet hair.


Myth 9: Drink tea with lemon and honey to cure voice loss

Truth: Tea and lemon are acidic. This can case a problem to the voice. The vocal folds are made of delicate tissues. The acid may cause acid reflux.


Myth 10: Hot Toddies to help raspy voices

Truth: Many doctors advise to stay away, especially from warming drinks that have alcohol in them. The drink may not pass through the inflamed area.


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