Top 10 Largest Reservoirs in the World

There are a number of reservoirs and manmade lakes in this world which are used for various industrial purposes, such as hydrology. This article examines the 10 biggest using calculations of surface area. They are the major sources of our energy, especially for countries reliant on hydroelectricity.


1. Volta:

Country: Ghana

Area: 8502 KM^2

Description: This is the largest manmade lake/reservoir in the world in terms of its surface area. It is the 4th largest manmade lakes in the world in terms of its volume. It was formed by the Akosombo Dam and was devised by geologist Albert Ernest Kitson in 1915.


2. Smallwood:

Country: Canada

Area: 6527 KM^2

Description: This manmade lake/reservoir is located in western Labrador. It is not only the second largest manmade lake/reservoir, but is also the largest source fresh water in the province and is the foundation of Churchill River.


3. Kujbyshevskoe:

Country: Russia

Area: 6450 KM^2

Description: The reservoir/manmade lake is located on the River Volga and is more than 400 km long. The water however is not sanitary, given the industrial development in the region.


4. Kariba:

Countries: Zimbabwe & Zambia

Area: 5580 KM^2

Description: The manmade lake/reservoir lies between Zambia and Zimbabwe, right on the border. The significance of this reservoir is that it is not held by 1 dam. It is rather held by 88 smaller dikes which are 64 km in length.


5. Bukhtarma:

Country: Kazakhstan

Area: 5490 KM^2

Description: The reservoir was formed by the dam of the Bukhtarma Hydroelectric Power Plant and began being filled in 1960.


6. Bratskoye:

Country: Russia

Area: 5470 KM^2

Description: The location of this reservoir is near the upper part of the Angara River. The reservoir was built between 1961 and 1967 when the damming of the river started, close to Bratsk City.


7. Nasser/Nubia:

Countries: Egypt & Sudan

Area: 5248 KM^2

Description: Although the reservoir/manmade lake is located in both Egypt and Sudan, the name refers to the larger part which is located in Egypt. The Sudanese call it Lake Nubia. The name Nasser comes from the authoritarian leader who ruled Egypt up until 1970. The construction took place between 1958 and 1971.


8. Rybinsk:

Country: Russia

Area: 4580 KM^2

Description: The reservoir was constructed by 1935 and filled by 1947. At the time of construction, it was the largest manmade lake in the world. Now it is # 8. The location is on the northern most point of the Volga River.


9. Caniapiscau:

Country: Canada

Area: 4318 KM^2

Description: Not only is Caniapiscau the largest body of water in Quebec, it is also the second largest reservoir in Canada as well. The location is right near the upper part of the Caniapiscau River. It was formed 2 dams and 43 dikes.


10. Raul Leoni:

Country: Venezuela

Area: 4250 KM^2

Description: It was created by the Guri Dam on the Caroni River. Due to its destructive aspects, the manmade lake/reservoir has created controversy. It has wiped out the forests in the area with the filling of water.


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    Your dam list need to be revised. The three gorges is now the largest dam in the world.


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