Top 10 Reasons Against Piracy And Copyright Infringement

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6. Options:

Many people fail to realize the wide options they have. There are alternatives to using products like Microsoft and buying CDs etc. Open Office for example is free and is a useful software that could supplement Microsoft Office. iTunes is also much cheaper than CDs bought in stores. At least you will not be sued for using the products.


7. Problems:

Companies have cracked down and created preventative measures to stop piracy. For example, you may not be allowed to download and use Microsoft Office without a key. The key will not be able to work and used on 1000+ computers.


8. Support:

If something goes wrong, there is no support. You are on your own and you may spend more money to fix the problem.


9. Taking away small business income:

Many software programs are created by small businesses. By pirating the product, you may be taking away a person’s income. For example, one company distributed a study guide for a test in the form of a pdf file. The pdf file was then distributed amongst others, yet no credit was given to the company.


10. Advancement:

The money that the company earns for products goes to development. No money, no development or progress.


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