Top 10 Athletes With Short Fuses

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This is a continuation of the article on aggression and its portrayal in sports. The article sites 10 cases where violence has gotten out of hand, causing bodily harm amongst other things.

While many athletes have a humble respect for their sport, there are those who have a more difficult time controlling their emotions and anger; perhaps maybe needing anger management therapy as well.

Proponents of violence fire back sighting athletes’ passion or an undying love for the game that propels them to become fiery levels. For fans, it is simply an eye opening entertainment arena.  But is it?

This article begs to differ.  It argues that anything which is excessively violent, causing bodily harm, should be banned. We are trying to stop the violence that husbands inflict on their wives, we are trying to stop cruelty towards animals and while it is not functioning very well at all, we also opt to get rid of lethal weapons.

If we are to improve the quality of life in this world and anything that contains violence, we need to eliminate violence as it is portrayed in sports. Otherwise, we will continue being the same as we were in the days of the gladiators against the lions? Being alive should mean that we learn from our mistakes, we progress and we try to better ourselves so as to show an example for future generations.


1. Tahir ‘Tie’ Domi:

Domi is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player, who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers and the Winnipeg Jets. Despite his hiatus between 1990-1995, Domi’s place and home stood with the Maple Leafs. The fans loved him, especially his ruthless playing style.

Sadly, he is not most memorable for the good things. Throughout his career he had the most penalty minutes than any other player in Maple Leafs history; 365 in the 1997-98 season. He also is known for his short fuse. He would punch with his left hand, while holding his jersey with his right. He was also suspended for 8 games when he sucker punched Ulf Samuelson of the New York Rangers because the latter called him a Tie Dummy. In 2000-01 season, Domi sprayed a heckler with his water bottle.


2. Todd Bertuzzi:

March 8, 2004; a memorable game between the Canucks and the Avalanche. In the 3rd period it seemed that Todd Bertuzzi was trying to instigate a fight between him and Steven Moore. When that was not successful, Bertuzzi skated towards Moore, punching him repeatedly while grabbing the jersey. Moore was knocked out and suffered three fractured vertebrae, facial cuts and a head concussion. Bertuzzi was suspended, but reinstated for the 2005-06 game.


3. Kermit Washington:

Washington was a talented and well-loved player in the NBA. No one expected him to throw punches the way he did in 1973. The incident occurred in a game against the Houston Rockets. He punched Tomjanovich almost to death, leaving him in a pool of blood. Kevin Kunnert and Abdul Jabbar were involved in the brawl. Washington was fined $10,000 and was suspended for 60 days. Tomjanovich had to undergo 5 surgeries, which ended his career as NBA player.


4. Mike Tyson:

Tyson is also another athlete who has a short fuse. In the second fight (rematch) between him and Holyfield in 1997, Tyson received $30 million, while Holyfield received $35 million, the highest paid professional until 2007. During the fight Tyson bit on both of Holyfield’s ears. The first time the incident occurred, the match was stopped, but resumed. It was only when a piece of Holyfield’s right ear was bitten off, that the fight was over. Holyfield retaliated with a head but, but no penalty was given. Tyson’s pay was cut down by $3 million and his boxing license was rescinded.


5. Stephen Jackson:

This basketball player has one of the largest suspensions awarded to him-30 games. He and Ron Artest joined the crowd and onlookers during a game and began throwing punches. The incident was known as the Palace brawl. They and 7 others were given a ban on NBA, but the decision changed the next day. A slap on the wrist if you ask me.


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