Top 10 Athletes With Short Fuses

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6. Sean Avery:

He is one of the biggest pests in NHL history. He throws punches at anyone who comes near him or touches him. Off the ice, he is quite different. He woos Hollywood girls, including Elisha Cuthbert and dresses professionally. But that did not stop him from being arrested for shoving a cop and taunting him as “fat little pig.”


7. Genarro Gattuso:

Gattuso is one of the best defense men in soccer, despite his bulldog nickname. He is also known to have a short fuse. After the Tottenham game, Gattuso takes the assistant coach Joe Jordan by the throat and proceeds to head but him. In a prior game against Ajax in 2003, he slapped an opponent in the face with the back of his hand.

Despite violence, Gattuso has been capped several times for Italy. He’s played in the 200 summer Olympics, and the 2002, 2006, 2010 world cups. He also played in the 2004 and 2008 Euro Cups and 2009 Confederations Cup.


8. Dennis Rodman:

Rodman is a professional basketball player, playing forward for a number of NBA teams in 1980s and 1990s. He is well known for his superior rebounding abilities as well as his nickname, “Dennis the Menace”. In 2008, he was busted for domestic violence. He was arrested on suspicion of felony and domestic battery. The best scenario was when Rodman wore a wedding dress to promote his autobiography. His bout with alcoholism was also publicized. He entered rehab in May of 2008 and refused to re-enter in May of 2009 to appear on Celebrity Apprentice.


9. Jens Lehmann:

This former Arsenal and Stuttgard goalkeeper is one of the most hated athletes. He has stomped players, relieved himself from being hit while standing behind advertising boards and has thrown water at referees. His cocky attitude is not appreciated by any fans.


10. Joey Barton:

He is one of the most famous footballers in England. Despite being famous, he is not really loved. There have been a number of controversial incidents and problems facing him in his career since 2002. He has served 77 days in prison for assault and affray. He imposed bodily harm on a former teammate during a training dispute in May 2007.


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