Top 10 Basketball Shoes of all Time

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Are you in the process of buying new shoes? Are you having a hard time choosing? We are here to help. This article sets to examine the best basketball shoes of all time.


1. Nike Air Jordan I:

This is the shoe that started it all. It is also what gave Michael Jordan the Air Jordan title he well deserves. The shoe itself was designed by Peter More and was a breakthrough in basketball shoe design. When released the shoe sold for $125. Sadly, the NBA banned this shoe from be worn in the league as it went against the white shoes only rule. Michael Jordan defied all orders and still played in them, getting fined $5000 a game.


2. Nike XX3:

Craftsmanship, world class design and performance define this pair of shoes. The shoe forms precisely to the contours of your feet and will redefine your experience. It is right now the best Jordan on the market and is ranked on many Top 10 best basketball shoes lists, as well as this. Its performance and sustainability is reinforced by the hand-stitched upper, full length bootie, carbon fibre shank plate and articulated chassis.


3. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars:

This was the first signature shoe to be marketed and is better known as the “Chucks” in popular culture. They are iconic, enjoying success and instantaneous recognition. In terms of its durability, these shoes have stayed the same (with minor changes) since 1917. The reason for the no change is the inherent coolness in the underlying idea and gushing designs. They go with any pair of jeans, tees and suit.


4. Reebok The Question:

This is Allen Iverson’s first signature shoe from Reebok. Iverson is proud of the shoes and still wears them when he goes back to the court. It is hard to compare Air Jordan’s to Reeboks but I think that Reeboks are second in the line of best shoes. The company knows how to reintroduce the shoe into the market by appealing to younger athletes. Most recently it reintroduced the shoe in the classic Philly colorway.


5. Nike XI:

Released in 1995/96, the shoes are the most famous and also the most popular model of Air Jordan line shoes. The comfort of Air-Sole is indescribable. This line was the first to use carbon fibre board. The shoes are not expensive, best in performance and are perfect for those who are just training. Additionally, the shoes are lighter, more flexible and more comfortable.


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