Top 10 Worst Looking Cars for Women

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This article is based on the survey of 100 women in Canada, USA and Europe. A number of pictures were shown of the worst looking cars. Each female was to rank each ugly car from 1-10, 1 being the ugliest. Here is what the survey said.


1. Daimler SP25O

This car is the ugliest as voted by 60% of women. It has a front bumper that is shaped like a sad face. Despite this, the car has had its share of success in North America since its conception in 1959. It has a fibre glass body, four wheel Girling disc brakes and a 2.5 litre hemi head V8 engine designed by Edward Turner.

This was a desperate attempt on Daimler to enter the auto maker competition. They were trying to cut corners, attempting to get it on the market. The car was out early, but was also underdeveloped with little testing.


2. AMC Pacer:

Women have voted this car as being the second ugliest. This car reminds them of the cars Soviet Union used to sell. One should look at pictures of the Trabant to understand what I mean. The Trabant was a car made in East Germany during the Soviet Union era. It was also widely distributed amongst the communist bloc countries.

The AMC Pacer is a two door compact automobile produced and manufactured in USA by American Motors Corporation between 1975 and 1980. Although the car was used for the movie Wayne’s World, people argue that it is the most ill-conceived vehicles. Many even called it the pregnant roller skate.


3. Reliant Regal:

I never knew that there was such thing as this. This a 3 wheeled car that was introduced in the UK. It could also be driven as a 2 wheeler. The car was being manufactured in 1953 and stopped in 1973. Anyone with a motorcycle could drive it, but women in my survey thought it would be too ugly of a tricycle.


4. Subaru Outback:

Subaru Outlooks are ugly and bland, according to the women in my survey. One woman also said they are less reliable and drive horribly compared to its competition. In 2010, the car came out with wacky headlights, weird tail lights and gimmicky body cladding.

The car itself is manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries since 1995. The car took a tumble when it came out due to the lack of appeal in the bourgeoning SUV. It never made the rise.


5. Ford Transit Connect:

This car was on the list of ugly cars of 2012, revealed by Forbes Magazine. The car is supposed to be a van, costing around $22,035. Women said they would not buy it, even if there was a rebate.


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