Top 10 Celebrities Who Overshare Sex Details

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You may be fanatical about celebrities, but you may not be so curious to learn the following information about things that should be held private. These details are disgusting and will probably make you puke with disgust.


1. Enrique Iglesias:

During an Australian concert in Sydney, he blurted out that he had the “smallest penis in the world”. This was to make a point that Anna Kournikova was not dating him for sex. This really implied that she was dating him for his money.


2. Tori Spelling:

Autobiographies should reflect upon life so far lived. The good and the bad should be provided, but censored as well. Tori Spelling in Mommywood, discussed how her husband trimmed her hedges when she was pregnant. McDermott would then hold up the mirror to ask how did he do.


3. Woody Allen:

Some celebrity divorces are as brutal as they come. When Woody Allen was divorcing Mia Farrow, both made some really harsh accusations. Farrow accused Allen of molesting their adoptive daughter when she was 7. He accused Farrow of collecting adoptive children and making them her servants. Dirty laundry should not be made public.


4. Jessica Simpson:

This singer does not have any tact. In the past she’s discussed her fart as smelling like roses. She also mentioned what many do but never actually reveal: squat in clubs make us go pee. All this was shared on Twitter.


5. John Mayer:

Jessica Simpson’s ex-boyfriend has the talent to overshare and provide us with too much information. In a conversation with Rolling Stones, he mentioned to have seen his body part more than a proctologist sees it in one week. Mayer also declared himself as the new generation of masturbators.


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