Top 10 Common Generalizations

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6. Hasty Generalization:

The generalization here is simple. Let’s say there are 4 blonde girls in the room, each of them love wine. The generalization here is that all blondes love wine. Is that true for all the cases, no.


7. Appeal to probability:

Here one makes a rash argument that because something happens; it was only inevitable to happen. An example of this: Mozart was a genius and he died poor. Since I am a poor composer, I am also a genius. Again this is a big assumption and other values should be considered before making this assumption.


8. Ad Ignorantiam:

The argument is from ignorance. It states that a specific belief is true because we don’t know it is not true. UFOs are a perfect example. Because they are unknown, they are alien spaceships.


9. Argument from authority:

The perfect is example is to think of someone as having specialization over a subject. That person makes a claim about the subject he specializes in. One assumes that because of this, the claim is true.


10. Argument from final consequence:

This is based on the reversal of cause and effect. The cause is caused by the effect. Christians believe that evolution is wrong because if true it would lead to immorality.


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