Top 10 Reasons Politicians Justify Torture

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6. Why pity?

I was watching the news once and an argument emerged as to why we should pity those who have done wrong. Many of those in the prison cells were there for a crime they committed. Why let them off easy?


7. Works:

Although he finds torture illogical, Glenn Greewald argues that politicians exploit the killing of BinLaden to justify the means of  torture. For them, it is an essential and powerful tool used on terrorists.


8. Ticking-Bomb:

This theory asserts that this is the only way one can get the essential information they need on threats, or possible threats.


9. Warrant:

Allan Dershowitz believes that torture should be done in legal steps like warrants. For him, a warrant should be issued in order to use force, in means of torture. It makes it more legal, he argues.


10. Risk:

Politicians do not leave the demo any choice. When presenting pro-torture arguments, they provide gruesome statistics which mesmerize their listeners.


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