Top 10 Greatest Soap Opera Characters In The Last 30 Years

Soap Operas and their legends are fading. With the cancellation of 4 soap operas in the last 3 years, many of the following stars are without a job. However, many of the daytime television stars are still as memorable and are still actively loved by fans on and off screen.


1. Katherine Chancellor:

This woman is a fighter. She’s revolutionized daytime television, bringing reality close with fiction. In the 1980s, she was the first actress to have a plastic surgery done on screen. Her feud with alcoholism and Jill Abbot has made the Young and the Restless popular since its conception in 1973. No one grows tired of her advice in Genoa City. Kudos to Jeanne Cooper, the portrayer.


2. Victor Newman:

A family man who puts family first before anything else! Victor Newman has defined daytime television for the last 30+ years on the hit the Young and the Restless. His feud with his arch nemeses, Jack Abbot never gets too old. His children sued him for millions of dollars because they felt they were being overburdened. Oops…I forgot to mention…he’s been married more times than the average person.


3. Erica Kane:

Susan Lucci is definitely a diva in my eyes. She portrayed Erica Kane from beginning to end, 1970-2011. The character was created as part of the story bible. She was initially designed as an evil and menacing person. She was rebellious throughout the 41 years, especially since she married more men than we can ever imagine. What we enjoyed most to watch was her extreme self-centered point of view.


4. Blair Cramer:

Kassie DePavia is truly my favourite actress. I enjoyed watching her on One Life to Life for several reasons, most notably her tumultuous life. There was never one dull moment in Blair’s life. I particularly enjoyed the episode where Blair has memories about her life with Asa Buchannan. Despite Asa being dead, Blair never got over the trauma he had caused her.


5. Luke Spencer:

No one can forget his fairy-tale wedding to Laura Spencer in 1980s. He is one wild character that we all love to watch on the General Hospital. Tony Geary has put his heart and soul into the character but has faded away in the past few years into the back-burner. His rekindling love for Laura during the 25th anniversary special was amazingly done. The man never seems to disappoint us.


6. Stephanie Forrester:

This is a woman who is truly evil. She always tries to pry herself into the life of her children. She has never accepted Brooke Logan into her family. Who can blame her since the woman slept with two of her sons, her husband and almost her grandson. I found her to be more evil than ever when she bribed her grandson to lie.


7. Myrtle Fargate:

This was one of the sweetest characters I’ve ever seen on television. She was truly loved by everyone for her kindness and her soft heart. Eileen Heinlie entertained us with her jokes, flirtatious behaviour well into her 90s and her charisma. Her relationship with Zak Slater on the show was truly a classic.


8. Stefano Dimera:

Everyone is afraid of Stefano. He is a man who has evaded justice for over 30 years. He has manipulated relationships, made people lose a numbers years of their lives and has been guilty of kidnapping and murder on several occasions. Using his children as pawns in the game of chess is something he is good at.


9. James Steinbeck:

James had more enemies in Oakville than we would ever have. He blinded John Dixon in an accident and tortured him with a dagger, drove Barbara crazy and even married her because of his obsession. In the last heat of the moment he utilized another person’s body to get to his loved one. Yikes!


10. Lauren Fenmore:

I included Lauren because there is always class and style in soaps when she is around. She has never seemed to amaze me with her looks and her excellent work.


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