Top 10 Advantages Of Smart Card

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6. Flexibility: The amount of information stored on smart cards is infinite and flexible. As stated before you can input anything from identification to credit cards. All of the data could also be easily transferable.

7. Data Integrity: Again, this goes back to safety, but at a different level. With smart cards you cannot delete or remove the information, even accidentally. This is similar to a computer. No matter how many times you restore it, the things you do on it can be traced back to the beginning. Nothing is completely lost.

8. Limit on Expenses: # 6 leads us to this reason. Many people do not know how to spend according to their budget. If you have a wife who is similar to Peggy Bundy, then you must consider getting a Smart Card. A smart card puts an automatic limit on all expenditures.

9. Identification: You can no longer become lost in identity. There is no such thing when you carry a smart card. It provides all complete identification for all industries who invest in this card. In fact there is no need to have 100s of cards, from social insurance cards to health cards to driver’s license. Smart cards would have it all. In fact, police would have an easy way to identify someone who has a record of speeding and reckless driving.

10. Prevent fraud: This card can also be advantageous to the government to identify welfare and social programming fraud. Making sure the right person is receiving the care is important, especially when our tax money is involved.   Sources: Ville Tapone, Tamper-resistant Smart Cards – Too Much To Ask For?

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