Top 10 Appetizer Ideas That Take Less Than 10 minutes

When someone is planning a party and running out of prep time, they don’t need to pick out a bunch of designer recipes taught at a culinary arts school. Instead, they can just opt for some small, quick recipes that only take a few minutes to create. This saves you time, yet is still savory for your guests. He or she can use these cany time of the year, and most of the ingredients are available at any local grocery store.


1. Goat Cheese and Toasted Bruschetta

Goat cheese provides a completely different taste to cheese produced from cows milk. If the host of the party is looking for something that is healthy, yet is something different from standard cheddar, oat cheese is a quick appetizer. Plus, mixing soft goat cheese with items such as artichoke, deviled eggs and spinach just add to the zesty flavor. Have grilled bruschetta on hand to dip.


2. Herbed Shrimp Dip

This dip takes only a few minutes to create, or the host can prepare the herbed shrimp dip the day before and allow it to cool further in the fridge overnight (the dip is served cold). Popcorn shrimp mixed with mayonnaise, dill and a selection of other spices is a great dip for any party. Plus, since it is cold, it goes nicely for a summer pool party. Toasted garlic bread is incredibly delicious with this dip.


3. Mediterranean Platter

This just requires some different sides placed onto a plate for sharing. The host can chop up some pitta bread, serve up hummus and a variety of olives and allow the guests to mix and match there favorites. There is essentially no prep time involved (and doesn’t require a degree from a culinary arts college to complete).


4. Buffalo Celery Sticks

Crumble up some blue cheese and sprinkle in a bit of chili powder, then stuff a celery stalk with the combination. This makes a great warm weather snack and is perfect for most parties. Plus the prep time is limited to just a few minutes.


5. Deviled Eggs

While the eggs boil the host can create a wide number of other appetizers. Plus, this is great for kids to help with, as they can peel the eggs while the grown ups cook up the rest of the appetizers.


6. Stuffed Peppers

Using piquillo peppers with the outer skin removed (boil for a few moments, then remove into an ice bath to blanch allows easy skin removal) makes the peppers soft, then stuff the peppers with goat cheese for a creamy finish.


7. Wanton Cups

Place wanton wrappers into a muffin pan, then mix up cream cheese, artichoke hearts and a spicy pepper, then place the combination into the wrappers and bake for a few minutes. These are fantastic appetizers all guests are sure to love.


8. Walnut Spread

When looking to add a bit of a crunch to standard spreads, crush up walnuts and mix this into the spread (such as blue cheese, hummus or dip). The spread now gains more consistence and is able to add more substance to an cracker, toast or pita bread used.


9. Prosciutto Wraps

A host can use a mellon baller to scoop out muss mellon or honeydew, then he or she can wrap the mellon with prosciutto. This gives an incredible sweet yet salty snack that anyone can enjoy.


10. Smoked Trout

Students from a culinary arts college may know how to smoke trout, but a dinner host can purchase this fish already smoked. Simply peel apart, serve with a dab of cheese and dill, then place onto pumpernickel bread for an incredibly appetizer.

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