Top 10 Most Outrageous Firings

Losing your job is a horrible experience to go through, no matter what the circumstances are and how much notice you get in advance. Usually – whether it be because you’re a lousy employee, the company is downsizing, or you’re a celebrity sitting across the table from Donald Trump – there’s a pretty good reason why you were fired. But every so often a person gets the sack for reasons that would make even the by-the-book boss scratch his/her head.

So here is a list of top 10 most outrageous reasons to be fired. Be sure to comment, if you think the person deserved to be fired. I personally believe that these 10 firings were unreasonable and unfair and not to mention outrageous.


1. Not noticing grade 3 students have oral sex

teacher fired

A teacher in Tallulah, Louisiana was fired in March of 2012, when she failed to notice that two of her students were having oral sex under the desk in her classroom. This was not a high school class room and neither was it a middle school classroom. This occurred at Tallulah Elementary School in the grade 3 classroom. In grade 3, this is the last thing that teachers would worry about. They should be more worried about hair pulling, spit balls and maybe bullying, but not this.


2. Giving a free timbit to toddler


Timbits costs about $0.20 give or take. Many timbits go into the garbage at the end of the day because of a lack of sale. Nicole Lilliman, 27, was fired for giving a toddler a free timbit. 3 managers caught her by camera and called her in where she was fired. The head office found that the actions of the managers who fired her were inappropriate and reinstated her job. Lilliman is a singler mother of 4.


3. Wrongful accusations of abuse


It has come to my attention that accessibility is no longer a priority for people with disabilities. Moving an individual with severe muscular dystrophy and osteoporosis is a challenge, especially when you are moving them from a van with no ramp to the wheelchair. A non-for-profit organization based in Ontario fired its worker for accidentally dropping the person off the wheelchair, claiming that the worker lied to the parent. The worker stipulated that despite the case load, he was seeking assistance from one of the supervisors, who did not add the breaks. As they needed a scapegoat and they couldn’t fire the supervisor, they fired the worker instead. When the worker filed a claim with Ministry of Labour, the organization tried to dismiss the case based on no primo facie and the fact that it was contracted. Harassing employees or contractors is indifferent, and no organization should treat a contractor differently because there is more lea way for firing.


4. Being Gay

Being Gay

Al Fischer, a Gay Music Teacher was fired from a catholic school for revealing his plans to tie the knot in New York to his partner. He was a Missouri based teacher at St. Ann Catholic School, where he worked for 4 years. The pastor and St. Louis Archdiocese echoed the sentiments in a statement that the school was in full compliance.


5. Posting celebrity tip

peyton manning

Peyton Manning was dining at the Angus Barn, a restaurant which sees frequent celebrities. His bill came to $739.58 and included an 18% gratuity and an additional $200.00, which would equal to 50% of the total. The server, Jon, was fired for posting the photo of the receipt online. The restaurant has a strict policy of private dining.


6. Not sleeping with Manager

sex with boss

A friend of mine was fired for not sleeping with her Manager. The manager was sexually harassing her, trying to date her and even woe her into his bed. Interestingly enough, the manager was also married with children. The activity was filed with Human Rights Commission.


7. Being Pregnant

hunter tylo

Hunter Tylo was fired from Melrose Place in early 1996 after telling producers she was pregnant. She was not even featured in any episodes, before replaced by Lisa Rinna. The actress sued Spelling Entertainment for pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination and breach of contract. She was awarded nearly $5 million in settlement.

Janet Hubert from Fresh Prince of Belair was also fired for the same reasons. Better known as Aunt Viv, the actress claimed that the producers forced off the show for these reasons, slashing her salary and screen time.

Another publicized case was Shane Stirling, one Barker beauty. She filed a lawsuit alleging that Bob Barker personally had a role in the firing in 2006.


8. Stopping a carjacking


Juan Canales, father of three, worked as a waiter in a Thai restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Miami. One day at work, he noticed a commotion outside and saw a female being carjacked at knife point. Putting his own life at risk, Canales rushed outside and wrestled the carjacker to the ground, then waited for the police to arrive.

After saving this woman from being attacked – and possibly even saving her life – he was fired by his employer. The excuse? It was the publicity Carales generated by rushing out to play the role of hero. After all, if there’s anything any restaurant owner hates, it’s  free publicity.


9. Criticizing Boss on Facebook


What happened to the basic human rights and rights to have an opinion? An EMT got fired recently for criticizing boss on Facebook. Dawnmarie Souza, as well as others, should be cautious as to who they add on Facebook. Souza wrote that her company allows a 17 year old to become a supervisor. The firing decision was overturned.


10. Shaving Hair

shaving hair

Stacey Fearnall was fired for shaving her head. Fearnall was doing it to honour her father who died of cancer. The hair was donated to charity. The boss told her to go home after she refused to wear a wig.


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