Top 10 Reasons To Speak Up Against Offensive Jokes

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Recently cases have emerged where accomplices and not just bullies were charged with committing the crimes. Although accomplices do not commit the actual act, they contributed to the consequences. For example, the Columbine shooters were the perpetrators of the massacre. However, the police made a clear statement to others who contributed to the event and helped the perpetrators in carrying out the criminal. Nevertheless, this article tries to examine 10 reasons why you should not be passive and ways you should speak up if in a situation where offensive jokes are made.


1. Part of the problem:

For a conversation to work, a speaker requires a listener. If you are the listener and do not back away from an offensive joke, you are contributing to the problem.


2. Silent Victims:

Silent victims are usually the victims of offensive jokes. They are the ones who cannot stand up to hatred and cannot defend themselves. It is your responsibility to stand up for them; otherwise you are downgrading their reputation.


3. Killing your soul:

You are hurting your soul for various reasons. The person who is making offensive jokes is not only killing his/her soul and the soul of the victim, but he/she is killing his/her listener’s soul as well. The listener’s soul is affected by your inactions.


4. Not a friend:

You are not a friend when you accept an offensive joke. Friends defend friends.


5. Silence is not golden:

By keeping silent you are agreeing to what is being said. You do not have to take action immediately, you may take action indirectly afterwards. For example, you may not want to affiliate yourself with people who are offensive.


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