Top 10 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Your Friend And Not Foe

Chocolate is a food item with lots of sugar. It can cause high cholesterol levels as well as obesity. Chocolates are, however, not people’s foes, as many think they are. There are benefits of eating chocolate. However, one must realize that they must eat the chocolate in smaller portions without overdoing it.



Scientists have found that people who eat chocolate have a lower risk of getting cardiovascular diseases by 37%. This is only true for dark chocolates and people should only eat one a day.



People who eat chocolate may also have a lower risk of getting diabetes by 31%.



There is also a 29% chance of having fewer strokes when eating dark chocolate. The food item lowers the blood pressure which is a major source of strokes and heart attacks.



You can still eat chocolates and not gain substantial weight. You can for example eat lighter lunches, which cause you to consume 250 calories less.



It stimulates endorphin production, which gives you pleasure at the same time.



Chocolate does have serotonin. Serotonin is a natural anti-depressant. If you are under stress and worried, go for one chocolate bar. Do not overdo it!



It is delicious. It fills your stomach. If you do eat a chocolate balance it with something good and something that is nutritional without sugar or exercise.



Stress relief! As it lowers your blood pressure, it relieves the stress that brought you to the boiling point of eating. Remember do not eat too much.



It is a friend when you run out of ideas on presents. Having and bringing chocolate is always thankful. Do not have a habit of bringing a box of chocolates every time as you may find yourself becoming cheap.



Stimulants are present. Many chocolates have caffeine inside. Having one bar of chocolate could keep you up for studying or school purposes.


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  1. hp

    How much cacao is acceptable to be considered healthy?

    I ask this because at my local Big Lots store they sell dark bittersweet Italian chocolate bars. 60% cacao 3.5 ounce for $1.50
    No, I didn’t stutter! $1.50 each.

    On Amazon where I do shop a lot I see many brands of 3.5 ounce bars at 80% – 90% cacao for $15.00 each and more.

    C’mon now, why the huge discrepancy? Is 20% more cacao really worth an increase in price of up to 1,000% ?!!!

  2. Laura McDonough

    I think 60% cacao or higher (if you can stand the bitter taste of some brands) is best..the milk choc I ditched long, dark is all I eat. Hershey’s Bliss is either 50% or 60%; the Ghirardelli baking chips are 60% which have an ideal taste. Some brands at 70% are too strong.

  3. grant d

    For best health effect and lowest cost, eat 100% Baker’s chocolate. Or at least 72% cacao content.


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