Top 10 Google’s Killer Competitors

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In 2008 & 2009, Google only listed just two major competitors – Microsoft and Yahoo. And now in 2010, Google lists 10 major competitors starting from Microsoft, Yahoo on top of the list. This is not surprising, BUT the surprise is that, Apple actually was not listed on the chart. I’ve compiled a list of competitors that are giving Google a kick and push to be more innovative and much more competitive.  Google is sitting in hot water, especially after it was charged for allowing advertisers to run scams on their search engine.


1. Facebook

Facebook and Google are two of the fastest growing and largest companies on the internet, and so far Facebook’s popularity has really helped Google to see an increased earnings share. Facebook is complementary and positive for Google so far, but that could change if /when social media such as FaceBook finds a business model and attract ad dollars from other online media.

On January 15, 2013, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a feature to help its users search for people and places within the social network. This is the company’s first major attempt at a product launch since its May 2012 initial public offering.

The new feature – called the “graph search” refers to Facebook’s growing content, data and membership. The “social graph” – will allow users to sort through pictures, people, places and members’ interests to find the answers to their queries.


2. Cuil

Cui is a search engine developed by a team of ex-Googlers and other top notch people from institutions such as IBM and Altavista. Cuil which is said to be a Google killer was launched on 28th July, 2008 and is said to be the world’s largest search engine, indexing ten times as many pages as Microsoft and three times as many pages as Google.


3. Twitter

Twitter is also considered to be a Google killer, but there are just too many “bugs” to get worked out for this to be a Google killer, at least in the short term. However it is a great tool for SEO but is not worth anything without Google.

More and more companies are including Twitter strategy in their online marketing and SEO campaigns. Tweets allow companies to send marketing messages to an audience that is already interested in their products or services, so the chances are good that followers will take advantage of the sale or special offer. Some companies — especially retail stores — now offer deals specifically for their Twitter followers. Offering a deal on Twitter allows the company to track how many people take advantage of the offer.

Twitter is also good at creatinf a way for companies to interact with their fans and customers. Many companies are also actively engaging their customers with questions, polls and other conversation starters via tweets. This intimate way of communicating helps build brand loyalty and identity because customers feel closer to their favorite brands when they can ‘talk’ directly to them.



4. Yahoo

Yahoo is seen rolling out a series of changes to their search technology. On the usability side, this search engine helps users to perform the search query while educating them for getting relevant results. As far as the findability side is concerned, Yahoo is now offering Flickr integration, embedded video and other universal search result features which according to Yahoo’s Tim Mayer is the most significant change Yahoo has made to their search business.


5. Wolfram Alpha

It is in everyone’s minds whether Wolfram Alpha will supplant Google? Not in the short term. Google is synonymous to search, as Xerox is for copying. Wolfram appears to be a largely scientific endeavor, but with the right kind of innovation, promotion and funding, it could find an audience in the near future.


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