Top 10 Reasons Why Canada Is The Best Governed Country In The World

Why is Canada considered the best governed country in the world by David Frume? It’s simple, here are 10 reasons to help you become satisfied.


Reason #1:

Canada has been moving at a perfect pace. Even with the 2012 budget, Canada seems to continue its success in beating the recession. It balances the budget within the next 3 years and includes no tax increases. Federal government is also restraining its spending; however, outlays will still rise from $272.9 billion this year to $296.6 billion in 2015-2016.


Reason #2:

Its economic policies are less dramatic, especially in comparison to the Eurozone and the United States. This can help support growth and boost revenues.


Reason #3:

Harper has also achieved something not many politicians could or would be able to do. He responded to the economic crisis by supplying just enough fiscal stimuli. One miscalculating could cause a debt crisis.


Reason #4:

The residual power does not lie with the provincial government, like Americans have with states. The federal government has the residue of authority not prescribed in the Dominion. This is one great lesson that Canadians learned and perfected, given the Civil War between 1861-1865 in the United States.


Reason #5:

There is no fixed period for general elections in Canada. Elections can be held at any time the government wishes. However, there is a limit of five years that the Canadian federal Parliament and the provincial legislatures can run for. If the government has lost the confidence of its country, it also needs to run an election.

This means that if Canadians do not like the leader, they can change him/her. In the US, you have to wait up to 4 years to get rid of the leader.


Reason #6:

There are less crimes in Canada. In fact, compared to the United States, it is a saint. CNN reported that 25% of the world’s prison population resides in the US.

Statistics Canada reported in 2009 that there were less crimes committed today than they were committed in the 1970s. For example, when you compare the crimes between 2007 and 2008, you would get a total of 77,000 fewer crimes. This however creates more fear and skepticism amongst the populace.


Reason #7:

Multiparty system. There are more than two choices on the ballet. The populace has more of a smorgasbord of options compared to other countries like US. US has never seen any other politician get elected from other parties other than Republican and Democratic.


Reason #8:

The Canadian health care may not be perfect, but at least Canadians can say that their health care system is universal. It is also accessible to all. That means that no one can be rejected by the system if they reside in Canada.


Reason #9:

New April 2012 polls show Canadian corporations withstanding the trying times in the global economy. CIBC stated that firms are now in a stronger position, more so now than they were before. Low debt and cash on hand are just some characteristics to describe corporations in Canada.


Reason #10:

NO DEBT Ceiling. I cannot say the same for USA. I had to put it in.


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    The United States has a constitutional provision for the impeachment of a president, therefore, we are not stuck with terrible leaders even though we do not always get rid of them.


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