Top 10 Terrifying Addictions

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Addictions are behaviors that are chronic and persistent. We persist with such behaviors despite negative consequences. Many people become addicts to avoid discomfort and try to cope with ways of life. Here are 10 terrifying addictions that are not pretty when faced.


1. Pornography:

This is one addiction that is gross. People who excessively spend money on pornography need to seek assistance ASAP. This is especially the case if you are dating or married. This addiction is terrifying because it causes a blow to a relationship.


2. Gambling/Ludomania:

Gambling is one addiction that many people face around the world. This is not the occasional $2 lottery draw participation. Ludomania is actually an urge to continue to gamble despite consequences and despite the desire to stop. Many with gambling addictions take out loans, charge things on their credit cards. It is not too hard to lose $100 in casinos. Play within your limit. The addiction is terrifying as suicide rates are 20% higher.


3. Alcoholism:

This is the oldest, yet most popularly used drug in the world. There are 10 to 15 million alcoholics living in the United States. 100,000 deaths in the United States are caused by excessive alcohol drinking. The addiction is quite terrifying as it affects the nerve cells in the brain and poses as a danger to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The liver may also be damaged as it does not have enough time to process the drugs going through the body.


4. Facebook:

Facebook is addictive. People enjoy playing games. They may sit for hours playing games and using Facebook. Many of those who use the social media outlet become short-tempered and also violent.


5. Cosmetic Surgeries:

There is a rise in people wanting to get cosmetic surgeries done on them. 12.1 million people had a procedure done in 2008 in USA. Having cosmetic surgeries is dangerous. People have died from getting liposuctions most notably in Toronto, Ontario in 2011.


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