Top 10 Terrifying Addictions

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6. Painkillers:

People reach for the pill bottle for pain relief. Many reach more times than they should or is actually safe to do. There are other alternatives, but many jump too early to the conclusion that they need painkillers. With pleasure and tolerance, comes withdrawal and that is unpleasant in itself. These symptoms the person tried to escape come back to haunt them.


7. Violence:

Many teenagers watch violence as it is portrayed in the media and by popular culture. Many of them enjoy watching wrestling and boxing. They try to mimic the moves on TV in real life. In 2009, a 12 year old boy was sentenced to life for killing a girl while imitating body slam moves.


8. Marijuana:

I believe there is such an addiction. This addiction is quite terrifying as people’s moods change and so does the coordination. People who are high have difficulty thinking, problem solving and have issues with learning and memory. It also increases the heart rate by 20-100% percent. The effect does not release until after 3 hours.


9. Sugar:

Many nutritionists feel this is a real addiction. Kathleen DesMaisons is the most famous researcher. She finds that increase in sugar in your body causes an effect on weight and state of mind. The substance is addictive because it affects brain chemistry. Many who are high on sugar may have symptoms of withdrawal and cravings.


10. Smoking:

I had to include this one. People die every day of first hand and second-hand smoking. Cigarettes have nicotine which makes people smoke on a regular basis. Once you start you cannot stop.


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